Sunday, November 4, 2007

More Ball Fun

Remember the balls he carried to his playroom yesterday? Today he picked up one of them and carried it all the way across the house to the kitchen where he accidentally dropped it. Dropping a toy used to be the end of playing with that toy for Jack. Not today! He looked down, found the ball (fortunately there's not much on the kitchen floor), picked it up, then sat down and started rolling it on the floor and crawling after it. He motioned me to sit down and we rolled the ball back and forth. He did a great job actually keeping his eyes on the ball even when I did not roll it right to him. He had to watch the ball and look for the ball. This is a lot of visual stuff and this is a BIG BIG deal. He was not doing this just 1 week ago when he had his vision evaluation. It's almost as if Jack is saying, "Oh you want me to use my eyes, well, okay. "
This has been a great weekend. I am so grateful and feeling so blessed.

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