Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun

We began our holiday Wednesday evening with a visit from Jack's cousins. Jack's cousin Alichia brought Jack's second cousin (her neice) Brooke from Georgia and Uncle Jay Jay brought Jack's cousin Crystal from California.

The girls enjoyed playing in Jack's playroom and showed him what to do with his crayons and his building blocks.
Doesn't Jack have beautiful cousins?
On Thanksgiving, we could only get the little girls to hold still for a group shot. Jack does have boy cousins but they just don't ever seem to stay in one place.
Jack is getting some teeth so his new FAVORITE thing is this teether that is chewy but also shake shake shakes.
Oooops, dropped it.

Well, I'll just pick it up.
Hee, hee, success!
On Friday, we met up with Jack's newest second cousin, Caleb, and oh yeah, Caleb's Mommy (Jack's cousin Anastasia) and Daddy were there too. Jack loved little Caleb and wanted to rub his head. He got so excited when I was holding Caleb. He did not show one little bit of jealousy.
After the game Saturday, we were a little bummed.

Sunday was Elise's birthday so we went for a little visit.

What a great holiday!

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