Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sad Morning followed by GREAT Day!

Yesterday morning Jack did not feel well. He had a very sad time for the little bit of school he did before I decided to take him out for the day. I never did really figure out what it was except that he could have still been tired and running a sleep deficit from Halloween or it could be his teeth coming in. I took him to the doctor who confirmed a left ear infection but we had been treating that since last Monday and it really did not seem to be bothering him. In any case, he seemed to feel fine after he took a nap yesterday. I was afraid that our weekend was getting off to a bad start. Fortunately, I was wrong.
TODAY has been AMAZING!!! Jack did not exactly love running around to do errands this morning and he certainly did not love getting a haircut but he has just been showing off today.
I think I had one of those days that other people would probably take for granted. In a way, I am blessed to know just how blessed we are because of all the days I struggle to understand how all of this (our lives) fits into God's plan. Did that make any sense? Jack very unceremoniously took his little hands with the unbending fingers and grabbed a little ball in each hand. Then, he stood up and practically ran down the hall without dropping the balls and dumped them on the floor in his playroom. How cool is that?!!? How many days did I wonder when he would walk? How many times did I wonder how those little hands would pick things up? I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to complain to my husband, "Between the two of you moving stuff from where it's supposed to be, I'll never be able to find anything anymore!" :)
And (this is a little scary) I think he may have opened the office door twice today to get to his computer. I'm still not positive on this one because I could not get him to open the door while I watched him. David thinks that the door was probably not completely shut and he just pushed it open. I guess we'll see.
Also, when we went by our pharmacy to pick up a prescription, Jack insisted on stepping up on the curb and walking on it like a balance beam. I had to help him balance and get his feet just right but he definitely chose to do it. He has apparently decided that this is a skill that he now wants to master as well. Again, I remember just wanting him to walk not too long ago. Now he is not only walking, he is working on his balance while walking. Do you know how big a deal it is that he chose to do this? Walking on a balance beam is something they do with him at school but it means so much more to me that he chose to use that curb and practice.
What a day!!!

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Anonymous said...

He is so adorable. I love the piratae costume, he looked like that "earing" didnt bother him much. SO, SO cute as mr preppy too. Hope you got the blog invite for Tobi's story.