Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hospital Pictures

I did take a few pictures while Jack had his 8 day hospital stint. This first picture is after his surgery on February 19. Dr. Wellons cut off the abdominal portion of Jack's VP shunt tubing and externalized the tubing at his chest. This is the external drainage system that they use at our local children's hospital. When they just removed the lower part of the tubing, Jack did not really have to stay level with the drainage system because he still had his shunt with the valve in and the valve regulated the drainage flow.
Then, on Wednesday, February 20, Dr. Wellons removed Jack's VP shunt and most of the left subdural shunt. Since there was no longer a valve in place, Jack had to stay level with the external drainage system.
See that little tube? It was connected to a space in Jack's brain called the third ventricle.
Nothing can pull Happy Jack down for too long. Even after having three of his fingers pricked (see the bandaids on his fingers?) he managed to laugh!
Jack did not watch Baby Einstein the whole time. He also found a little time to read...
and eat!!!!!!!!!!!
Once we got the okay from Dr. Wellons and Jack's nurse, we headed out for a wagon ride. Jack was a bit nervous.

He did not spend the whole ride looking terrified. He did eventually relax. I just don't have a picture of relaxed Jack. Jack had a lot of visitors but I did not think to take many pictures. I remembered to get a picture when Ms. Amy stopped by. and, of course, when Jack's big bro, Patrick stopped by.

I gotta go get some shut eye. I hope you enjoyed the pics.


Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

Thank you but I cannot see the site you are referring to. I would love to know how you found the blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with his glasses. He reminds me of my little boy. What a cutie. And what a strong mommy by his side!

Marie said...

Thank you! He inspires me. He's the strong one. I'm just hanging on for the ride and doing the best I can.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Marie,

How's your son doing? I have a VP shunt of 18 years! 21 now, and I'm going to have another surgery soon.

Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through google.com

Ida said...

This is fantastic!