Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hard at Play

We made it home Tuesday night. Wound care told us to continue cleaning the eschar with daily shampoos with Baby Shampoo only and we are applying betadine around the edges. Our neurosurgery team in Dallas was impressed with the work of our neurosurgeons at home. They are not terribly worried about the skin over the shunt being too thin.

Jack got right back to the business of playing when he returned home. He's a hard worker. Today was a very busy day for Jack...he had school/therapy this morning, therapy this afternoon and then got invited to play with his old friend Riley this evening. What a busy schedule he has. Anyway, here's the evidence that he's been hard at play....look at those feet...

you don't get those kind of feet from sitting around!!! Here's the sweet fella all tuckered out from a hard day's play!

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