Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The News So Far

I am not certain that my posts are going through to Blogger but I figured that I would try. Here's what we know as of late yesterday evening: Jack has bilateral (both sides) ear infections. The ear infections apparently caused cellulitis along his shunt tract. The combination of symptoms from the ear infection and cellulitis closely mimicked early signs of shunt infection. Fortunately, Jack's cerebrospinal fluid was clear as of yesterday and they are taking that as a final result. His CT scan, shunt series (x-rays) and abdominal ultrasound all looked good. Today, Jack will get evaluated by wound care for the escar on his incisions--they weren't here this weekend and we're apparently swamped yesterday. The plan is to get us out of here today and put Jack on a long course (at least 21 days) of antibiotics by mouth. We will discuss any additional restrictions with the team when we see them today. Oh, and for everyone worried about the thin skin over the shunt, we are going to t!
alk with
the team about that too.
Thanks for all the prayers. We hope to be home tonight.
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