Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My life is....

I hope I am not violating a coyright. I took the title for this post from a blog by Rachel Coleman of Signing Time ( She talks about how she used to think that her life was hard and one day she realized that she wanted to redefine the way she thought about her life. I can so identify with thinking my life is hard and it would be so easy to sink there again. Fortunately, I have two handsome fellas that keep me smiling. I think how you fill in the blank in the phrase My life is.... reveals a lot about how you perceive your life. That perception colors everything in your life. It determines whether you are having a great day or whether you dread getting out of bed. My life is full of oppurtunities. My life is great. I pray that David and I are modeling and can continue to model a positive life outlook for Jack so that when he fills in that blank you know its good. How do you fill in the blank?
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Rachel Coleman said...

No worries! MY blog is YOUR blog. It's my hope that some of the things I write make a difference for others, ESPECIALLY families dealing with their own unexpected adventures!

Best of luck to you and your family!

(Hi there Jack! Keep signing!)

~Rachel Coleman

Marie said...

I completely literally squealed when I saw this comment in my inbox waiting for moderation! THE RACHEL COLEMAN actually read our blog AND COMMENTED!!!! Thanks for all you do. Thank you so much for helping us to establish communication with our son much earlier than would have been possible if we'd waited for the motor skills coordination required for speech. I honestly believe that it is because we set up a pattern of communication with sign that Jack knows that we want to know what he thinks and what he has to say (sign or spoken language). I love that even now when his speech is still hard to understand that he can sign to let me know what he is trying to say. Thank you thank you thank you.