Friday, January 23, 2009

Sitting in Traffic

School traffic is not a lot of fun. It can be veeerrrryyy slow. We sometimes get bored. Jack seems to like having his seat over by the window but I'm a bit torn. The safest place is the middle of the backseat, with behind the driver's seat being the second most safe. We had to move the seat one day for some reason...oh yeah, it was when Elise and Jack both needed their boosters in the car and they would not fit side by side. Anyway, we've since left the seat there. He has a booster seat with an awesome safety rating and great head protection. Did I mention he really enjoys looking out the window? What to do?!!?


Isaiah'sMom said...

We also have car seat dilemmas. In fact, I'm looking for a car seat for my 7 year old. Would you mind sharing what kind of seat Jack has?

Marie said...

It's a Graco Nautilus. It can used with a child at least 1 year old who weighs 20-65 lbs and is 27-52 inches long. Besides the Britax, it has the longest wearing 5 point harness belting. I think the Britax goes up to 90 lbs. I would have to look through the manual again but I think the Graco Nautilus 5 point harness can be used up to 60 lbs.

Isaiah'sMom said...

Thank you! I'm going to see if I can find one in the store and "try it on" him. He is 46lbs and 44 inches, so maybe it will be just the right fit.