Monday, January 26, 2009

An Ordinary Day

Yesterday, we were blessed with an absolutely ordinary day. We did not do anything spectacularly amazing. We did exactly what hundreds of other preschoolers and moms did yesterday. First, We went to a park where it is nice and flat so that Jack could get some more practice riding his tricycle. As you can see, he has mastered going where he wants to by pushing with his feet on the ground and steering. I just love that look of determination.

I don't have a really great picture of him with his feet on the pedals and pedaling. He did not exactly want to stop for a picture and I did not want to discourage the pedaling. After we had been riding around the park for about an hour and a half, Jack wanted to swing so we headed to the playground. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him scurrying up the climbing wall but it was just the two of us there and well, safety first! I was spotting him just in case. Oh yeah, he also did what hundreds of other little kids did on playgrounds yesterday. He slipped and whacked his face on a metal platform. A quick check and some soothing from Mama and off he went again. Down down down the big tube slide, climbing up the bar thingies (with some assistance from Mama), down the little bumpy slide but only once because he does not really like that one. After playing on the playground for a half hour, we were back on the bike around and around the park. Jack was so tired that he was leaning his upper body on to the handlebars. Like all preschoolers, he still did not want to leave and got pretty upset when Mama said, "It's time to go. You need to rest." He protested but settled in with his juice and cookies in the car.
We got home and he was still chomping at the bit to ride some more so off we went down our inclined sidewalks in search of a flatter area. Jack pedal pedal pedaled up a great bill hill (with Mama pushing) and we found this nice flat spot at the end of a dead end road.
Jack decided it was time to rehydrate...
Look how absolutely amazingly beautiful this shot is....did you miss it? Look again....four fingers and a thumb on each hand!!! At the end of the road, there was some construction debris and lots of rocks and dirt! What's a little boy to do? Play in it of course!!! Jack got good and dirty. It was fabulous! Here he is thinking about this one little concrete platform.It's a step up off an uneven surface onto a slightly inclined even surface. Should I ask Mama for help? What if I fall onto those other big rocks? Oh wait, I still got my helmet on.I can do it. No assistance required. Made it!
Jack rode his trike back to the house and we played on the swingset and in his clubhouse then we ran inside to get our stuff and head to church.
So that was our super deluxe ordinary day. Life is good. God is great!

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