Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures from California

Finally! I've finally got some camera pictures from Californina up! Enjoy!
The Redondo Beach Pier
Looking Back Toward J J's apartment
Tree Growth Affected by the constantly blowing ocean wind
The View from J J's Apartment
Looking Down at the Beach from J J's Balcony
J J's Pet Seagull
Somehow this seagull lost a foot. He stops on J J's balcony several times a day to get a snack. He patiently waits for J J to come out and feed him.
Snack time!
Snuggles with Crystal
The Canals in Venice
On a bridge over the canal

Crystal was quite the little poser
Here's a shot of her at Venice Beach.
Her Daddy says that she got all her posing from her mom but he's a pretty good poser, too, huh?
Venice Beach is a very unique place. I could see how some of its inhabitants really would feel this way.
It was nice to be able to celebrate J J's birthday with him. The cake was from a korean bakery. It was fabulous! Koreans like natural sweetness from fruits and stuff so this cake was so light and wonderful.
Can't go to Los Angeles and not go to Hollywood, right? There really is a lot of smog in Los Angeles. The Hollywood sign is behind us but you can barely make it out.
The LA docks looked like a city unto itself. J J said that sometimes boats wait for months to get unloaded there.
The Aquarium of the Pacific was a fun place. Jack really liked the demonstration of how run-off affects the oceans. He loved it when we made it rain. :)
Da dum Da dum...Jack loved loved LOVED watching the sharks in the tanks!
This kind of gives you an idea of how big those tanks were. We were a little surprised at how attentive Jack was in trying to see stuff in the tanks. In Jack's world of 2-D vision all the darkness and muted blending colors make it difficult to see. He was a trooper and really enjoyed visually searching for the fish we were trying to show him.
No one cuter has ever done this pose before!!! Isn't he just the cutest?
This is the shot that caused the lovely HUGE bruise on my leg. If you saw me shortly after our return, I am referring to the mega bruise that made you gasp and secretly wonder if I had an abusive spouse. I thought and told everyone I got the bruise when I tripped over this huge metal thing next to the rail when Jack and I were posing for a picture in front of the Queen Mary. How disappointed was I to go through the pictures and discover that it was just us in front of this lighthouse! On a great note, Jack saw the lighthouse, loved the lighthouse, wanted to get to the lighthouse, and repeatedly said, "Lighthouse, lighthouse!"
Here's the Queen Mary in all her glory. We did not board her although I think that would have been fun. Alas, she was too far away from where we were and we were all feeling lazy plus there was more of the aquarium still to see. The Queen Mary looks just like the ocean liner in Jack's video so he saw it and popped out with "Ocean liner." So cute!
Hai Fei took a picture of us all facing forward but we have not gotten our copy yet. Here we are getting settled in for a our trip via limo to Disneyland. There was obviously something fascinating out the window on Jack's side of the limo.
We got to Disneyland just before the parade started. It is really hard to capture the magic and fun of the parade from the sidewalk view. Jack did not love sitting around waiting as the floats passed by but he did enjoy it when they asked the kids to come join them and dance in the street. That was awesome! Of course, we were moving fast and don't have a good pic of that.
I think this is the moment that Jack realized that Disneyland is a magical place! We had been standing in line and had been telling him we were going to get on a ride and go "Whee!" up in the sky. Then, he saw it and was transfixed.
Team 1 ready for takeoff!
Team 2. Let's goooooo already!
After the first rocket ride, we split up from Simon and Hai Fei. Simon is 10 and likes the bigger rides. We headed over to Fantasyland where the rides and lines were a bit smaller. Our first ride in Fantasyland was the carousel.
Next we got on Dumbo. Jack really loved rides that went up in the air.
Spinning Teacups. Who did not know that this would be an instant fave?
It really is a Small World, after all. Jack liked all the moving dolls.
We kept trying to get a good picture of that sign. Did I mention the smog?
Jack really bonded pretty quickly with J J and Hai Fei.
Jack liked the planetarium okay. He apparently really enjoyed sitting next to this guy.
I think this picture taken off J J's balcony one evening pretty much sums up our "California feelin'". It was so nice to get away and relax. Thanks J J!

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