Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Cars and Wheeeeeeee!"

Back to Pump it Up we went and guess what? Jack and "D" (that's Jackspeak for Sidney) wanted to play with the cars more than anything else!

Jack kept trying to climb into the cars with other little kids. He actually climbed right in on top of Sidney who quickly exited his vehicle!

Game face? I don't know what was going on with this look.
Sidney says, "Beep beep."
After getting a good workout at Pump It Up, we were hungry so off to McDonald's but then we had to burn off all those calories. Even Sidney's Nana climbed right into the play thingy!
Here's the proof, Sidney climbed up through the play tubes and went down the slide with me.

Seems like every time Jack and Sid get together, they make a new friend. The cool kiddo in the red Halloween spider shirt is a four year old named Jeremy. At four, he came right out and said that he thought Sidney and Jack looked different from other people he knew. I thought his poor mother was going to die from embarassment. The rest of us? Well we know the boys look a bit different, been knowing that for a while now. We just played on!

Going through the play tubes is a bit more awkward when you've got looooong legs (yeah that's what you get for calling me that really short lady!). Seriously, I'm not much taller than the kids and it never occurred to me that an adult could get stuck in those tubes. It's a good thing Christie's kind of flexible.

I don't know how we managed to not get a picture of Jack going down the slides but, oh well. That will have to wait for another post.
And I don't know why we don't ever take pictures of Sophie on these outings. Sophie, sweetie, when you are older and you check out this blog, just know that you are so sweet and adorable yet very very quiet and at this stage you are still sleeping alot. It won't be long before we'll have pictures of you climbing all over the boys!!!

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