Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A VERY LOOOONG Day and a couple others...

That very first day of preschool was sooooo long for......David and me. I really truly thought I might have a heart attack or at the very least a panic attack. I did not sleep well the few nights before (unrelated to the starting school except for the excitement of the night before). Much like Jack, I thrive on routine, consistency, and some type of perceived order. That first day of school was chaotic. It was hard to get Jack out of bed and he wanted some extra snuggling with Mommy. How could I refuse? Then we get to school and find out that the rules for dropping off any child who cannot get himself out of the car independently have changed. The way it was supposed to work was we pulled up to the curb, the teacher or aide helped Jack out of the car and he and his classmates walked to the classroom together. We got to the school and found true chaos as school officials scrambled to make room for parents of all preschoolers and kindergartners to park so we could walk our kids into the school. So David dropped off Jack and I and again we thought I would just walk Jack into the school where he would join his classmates to walk down the hall. I was all out of sorts as they directed me to go ahead and take him on down to the class. Like I said, I like consistency and now I was all confused. When we got very close to the classroom, Jack motioned for me to pick him up so I figured I would get in a few more cuddles. We got to the classroom and he did not want me to leave. It was awful. He was crying. I wanted to cry. Jack's teacher, Ms. Megan, said in answer to my question, "I know it's hard but yes you should go." I waited outside the door and I could hear Ms. Megan talking but Jack was no longer crying but would he make it a whole school day away from us?Well, uh, YES! When we went to pick him up, Ms. Megan was just gushing about what a great day they had and how much she enjoyed having him in the class and how much he enjoyed being there. He looked at us like, "What are you guys doing here?"
A few minutes into the car ride home Jack sacked out. Ms. Megan said that he rested quietly on his nap mat but did not sleep that first day.

It's Mommy and Baby happily reunited that evening!

That weekend, we went to Atlanta to see Jack's cousin, Jessica, get married. It was a loooong trip but Jessica was absolutely beautiful and Stephen was so handsome so it was worth it.

Last but not least, David and mini-Dave on our way to our first Open House at Big School.

Jack is really loving school.

We had a blast this weekend at Sophia's baby shower and then at Sidney's birthday party but Jack's slacker Mommy did not take her camera and Sidney and Sophia's slacker family have not yet passed along any pics. Yeah, you, you know who I'm talking about. :)

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