Saturday, September 27, 2008

Picnic in the Park

Last Saturday, we got together with "D" and his folks again. First, we stopped by a "green" farmer's market that I did not know existed. Did I mention that they just got into town? And now they are showing me around? Funny....

As I said before, "D" and Jack seem to make a new friend everytime they see each other. I don't know if they ever formally introduced but Sidney and the other guy on the "fence" chilled out to some nice live music together. After the "green" farmer's market, I took them over to the plain old Farmer's Market which does not seem as huge now as it did when I was a kid. Was it a slow day, maybe?

All that hanging around looking at food made us hungry and we decided to have a picnic in the park. Here's Sidney with his dad, Kyle.
Da da da's Sophie's debut on the blog! Hey there cutie!
Of course, Jack got in some tree love while we were at the park.

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