Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to the Zoo and Love love love

We went back to the zoo again and this time Jack actually really really looked at some of the animals.

Sleep! Ignore the mis-matched sheets and quilt and Mommy's bright pink blankie. And oh, yes those are boppy pillows. We don't want him rolling off the bed, do we? Life is good when the bipap mask fits well and Jack's heart rate and oxygen saturation are good. He looks like an angel in scuba gear. :)


Anonymous said...

to keep my son from rolling off the bed we used to put the swim noodles from the pool under the fitted sheet to create a ridge that would stop him if he rolled. he couldn't knock them off and they took up less room than anything else we tried.

Marie said...

That's a great idea! Unfortunately, our mattress is one of those big deep mattresses and the sheets barely stay on as it is--even with the deep mattress sheets. Thanks anyway!