Friday, September 12, 2008


I ruined the party :(. Jack was invited to a birthday party for one of his school friends at Pump It Up. I took him down the big slide and gave him an awful burn that tore the skin off his knee. Before you go trying to tell me it wasn't all my fault, let me fill you in. The big slides scare me (not Jack, me) so I wrapped my arms around him and then wrapped my legs over his. There is no way he would have gotten that burn without the additional weight of my legs. To top it off, I did not even realize why he was screaming until about 10 minutes later. I want to cry!


Anonymous said...

:( Last time we went there, Cole ended up in a cast. Here it is many weeks later and he said to me today "doctor take cast off" then he makes a drill sound. He then said "I fractured my femur." Breaks my heart! Glad Jack is OK.
Hugs, Dawn and Cole

Marie said...

I remember about Cole. We thought of you guys before we went. The "owie" is very minor compared to the fractured femur BUT I gotta believe that these things sometimes happen and the kids should be allowed to have fun. I'm trying to get Christie and Sid to go back with us.