Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing in the Basement

It's crazy how stuff just piles up around you when you are just treading to keep your head above water.

We moved into our house in a pretty big hurry. We returned home from Jack's first cranial surgery to find our apartment flooded and unlivable. We had planned on buying a house when "life settled down a bit" but our plan sped up.

We were fortunate to find our house quickly. One of our main reasons for buying this house was the basement. In the years since we've bought the house, we've been rather busy with surgery, recovery, testing, surgery, rinse, repeat. We crammed all kinds of stuff in the basement to be dealt with later.

Over the past couple of years, the medical stuff has slowed down. We're finally actually working on cleaning up the basement.

It's actually safe to play in now.


Tina Crouch said...
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Tina Crouch said...

i love that handsome little man! I love hearing him talk, can't wait to show Emma this video in the morning!

Marie said...

We love y'all too! Jack really misses Emma and MaKayla.