Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting It Done

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we've been busy busy busy around here. Jack is home schooled and David and I both work full-time jobs. You may wonder how we manage to get everything done.

We have a secret. We multi-task EVERYTHING. For instance, the weather has warmed up here and Jack likes to play outside in the pool a lot. So we've taught him to do his own laundry and get himself cleaned up in the process.

First, you enter the wash.

Make sure to soak well.

Ensure that body as well as clothing are fully washed.

Rinse well.

Remove from the wash.

Lay out to dry.


Pittipat said...

I love this!!! Jack, you are extremely cute :)

Marie said...

Thanks Pittipat! I'm so glad that I've discovered your blog since you commented here! Nina is just so adorable.

Ceska777 said...

Cool and refreshing I guess!

Marie said...

He had fun!