Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Mess

Do you ever wish there was some way to edit a photo that looks like this?
This is the kind of photo that I might crop or not post at all to minimize the amount of my messy home you might see at any one time. You see, my house is not going to be featured in any parade of homes any time soon. My home is not decorated. Really! Well, unless you think early elementary school is a decorating style.

I go to other people's homes and even though they have small children their homes are beautifully decorated and neat and void of dust. And I feel like I'm not enough. I feel like I should be able to do more because these people obviously do more than I do.

Then I read something like this blog post from Power of Moms that made the rounds on Facebook a couple of days ago. And I remember....I AM Jack's mom and darn proud of it! There are lots of people in my community that don't know my name but they know I'm Jack's mom.

I don't know how Jack would like it if our house was posh and dust free but it's not and he's happy. I would still like to have the energy, creativity, and general polish of these other people but all people are not made from the same mold. Isn't that what I want Jack to know?

So there it is, world! Look at the mess all around Jack in the picture. No that's not a playroom in our house, it's the living room and this is how we live. And we're happy!

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