Monday, April 23, 2012

Thomas the Train 2012

This weekend, we headed to the local railroad museum for our annual Thomas the Train event.
We always enjoy the short ride on the smaller train before our "big" train ride.
Jack really likes that he gets both Mama and Daddy for these events now that David is not at work every weekend.
Of course, the ride on the big train is for riding with "Unka NO-uh".
*sigh* My "little" brother is growing into a young man and my "baby" keeps getting bigger too.
This year, Jack's cousin, Ethan, joined us again along with their cousin, Seth, too!
Apparently, we ordered our tickets so early this year that they did not know our car would be out of order and not be part of the ride. We were moved to a double decker car. David and Noah got to go check out the upper level.

And we were able to get a group shot of all of us.

After the train ride, we had one of my favorite moments of the day...
Dad (Opa) playing "I'm gonna getcha" with Jack.


Ceska777 said...

I wonder why Opa? Thats grandpa in German........

Marie said...

Yes, Opa as in Grandpa. My dad spent several years in Germany and he prefers to be called Opa. :)