Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bike Seat with Back

I'm throwing this crazy or maybe not so crazy thought out here on the internet for a little feedback and ideas from all you oh so wise readers.

Jack has fabulous balance. I think anyone who can stand on a green basketball while lightly holding onto a table with one hand that does not grip well has fabulous balance.

He absolutely loves to ride his tricycle. He is a big kid and will soon outgrow his trike. I think he is ready for a bike. He doesn't really like riding his skuut bike (it's one of those walking/training bikes--there's no pedals or chains). I think the problem is that Jack has always preferred to have something against his back when he rides.

He's the same way with swinging. He loves to swing but only if there is a back or it's a big porch swing. You can lay a porch swing flat and he'll still swing on it.

I think he likes the feeling of support. Or maybe he actually needs that bit of extra support to balance out his still large for his body size head when sitting.

I don't know.

Anyway, I am wondering if there is some way to put a tricycle type seat (you know that has a back on it) on a bicycle. Or does it sound like I just need to leave him alone and let him enjoy his trike?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
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sheila said...

I think you should check into those bikes that you sorta recline in while riding. I don't know if they make them for kids or not.

OR get a toddler bike with training wheels and see if you can modify the seat a bit for some support.

I'd say after that bike a thon, he's probably ready to step up in his bike.

Karen said...

A man on our street has such a home made bike. His seat is lower to the ground than "normal" sized bikes, and his tires adult sized. The back of his seat chair is not as high as most chairs, but gives him some support.

mommytoalot said...

We have a trike with a bit of a back support. Damien is the same way. He can ride..but is often unsteady.
check those catalogues where they sell special needs equipment and when i get back i'll show you a pic of our bike..that might be just enough support.