Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quiet Night, All is Calm

I sit here continually amazed. God is great. God is good. I am thanking here for a good night's rest for my wonderful son. I am praising him for Jack breathing well without the Bipap. I thought we would have to spend the night repositioning him and clapping on his chest and keeping him from deep sleep to keep him from obstructing. NOPE. I am ever so happy to report that I was wrong.

He's woken up a few times asking for water but it's been a nice quiet night overall. I even got some sleep.

We should hopefully move to a regular room later today.
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Anonymous said...

Marie and David,
It's so good to read how God answered the many prayers for Jack and for the two of you! We are constantly amazed at how good and faithful our God is! Thanks be to Jesus!

Ron, Pam and Susie