Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dream Come True

We've stayed at the same hotel for all but two of our stays in Texas. This hotel has a "sport court" that Jack has always looked at it longingly especially when he saw children laughing and playing on it. Today was Jack's day. He was out on the sport court laughing and running around. (Well, he was walking fast not actually running.) He loved it! We got a basketball from the front desk and you should have seen him going after the ball. I love the sound of Jack's laughter and today I was a little "high" from all the laughter that I got to enjoy. I got some pictures of him going after the ball with our other camera. I will post those after we get home.
We got new instructions from the anesthesiologist tonight. Jack will get to eat solids until 5:30 am. He can drink Mommy's milk until 8:30 and clear liquids until 9:30. Then we will have to be at the hospital at 10 am so there will be lots going on and it should not be hard to keep him distracted.

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