Monday, July 30, 2007

Out of surgery

It was a quick surgery but Jack was in recovery for quite a while. He scared us again. With each surgery, it seems like it is harder for him to recover from the anesthesia. This time we were ready with the Bipap machine but Bipap alone wasn't enough. Jack actually has nail marks on his chin from where Dr. Blakely and the nurses were applying a chin thrust to keep his airway open. Once he got a dose of Narcan (to couteract the effects of narcotics given) and a racemic epinephrine treatment (to reduce any inflammation in his airway), he woke up a bit and by the time we got here to the floor he was breathing okay without the Bipap-very noisy but keeping his oxygen levels up. He is still VERY sleepy. Right now, his soft spots are sunken in more than they ever have been. Dr. Sacco says that will fill back up a bit and then slowly sink in. It will take several weeks for them to sink back in
and Jack will be monitored with MRIs periodically.
Thanks again for all the prayers.

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