Monday, July 30, 2007

Poor Jack?

Man, life is tough when you are reduced to laying in bed eating a "smiley fry". Seriously, Jack is finally awake. He must feel a bit dizzy because he does not want to sit up at all. He is enjoying his dinner. This is actually a first for Jack. He doesn't usually take bites. He either shoves whole pieces of food in or he pushes the food away.
Jack needed me so I had to stop before sending this post. Jack's bottom teeth are coming in and he was a little cranky. We've given him a little Tylenol and he is sleeping peacefully now. We'll be having neurochecks every 4 hours so I don't know how much sleep we are actually going to get.
Thank you all again for all your prayers. God continues to watch over Jack and David and I.

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