Friday, July 13, 2007

Jack is....

1. learning more signs while we aren't looking. I noticed in the car today that he is doing signs for bird, grandma, and dog at the appropriate times during his signing time video.
2. enjoying himself tremendously. He has chuckled and laughed so much today!
3. telling Mommy when he has to go potty. He actually did the sign for potty and did go when I took him. We've been relying on timing alot lately and our timing has been off.
4. breathing much better most nights. Other than when he is congested because of weather or allergies there seems to be no rhyme or reason to his breathing "issues". We are still adjusting the Bipap S/T manually throughout the night. We are not having to do much. Either we are getting good or Jack's just doing so much better. We are all getting a bit more sleep.
5. sleeping again. I am almost afraid to type that because he may wake up at 3 am again tomorrow.
6. saying [This one is phonetic. You have to sound it out.] "a woov ooo". Hey it sounds like "I love you" to David and me so we are going with it!

Must get sleep...that's all for now!

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