Friday, July 20, 2007

Not feelin so good but lookin so cool

Jack has a cold or allergies acting up or who knows what but he just does not feel good today. His little nose is running and running and running. Loud noises and high pitched voices really bother him, too. We are really getting more worried about the pressure in his head. His soft spots are very soft but you can feel them pulsating--that's not a good sign. He is just not a real happy camper. We tried to go out and have fun yesterday evening at this family event held by the folks who do Jack's home therapy but it was just too noisy for Jack and he really did not have much fun. We had to leave school early yesterday too. The only thing Jack seems a little excited about is the clip on sunglasses that I found that fit his glasses. I did not know they were made that small. As you can see, he looks very cool. Say some prayers for Jack. He does not feel like doing much and keeps rubbing his head. We need for this cold not to turn infectious and delay surgery.
Thanks for the prayers.