Sunday, February 1, 2009

Down on the Farm

Our sweet neighbor and her girls invited us to go out to the farm where their horse lives.
Here's Jack doing a happy farm dance!
Jack looks like such a tiny guy in this picture. This horse was really friendly.
Sophie really seems to love Odin. She loved it when Lori picked her up and let her pet him.
Big sis, Lexi, got to ride Odin!
Jack kept Sophie occupied while Lexi was riding.
Lori offered to give Jack a ride on Odin but he said, "uh, Wawa [Jackspeak for Mama]" so he got a piggyback ride instead.
While were busy "horsin' around", Lexi made a big volcano!
After all that fresh air, we were hungry. Where else do you take three hungry, tired monkeys? McDonald's, of course!

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