Saturday, February 21, 2009

What/How Does Jack see?

Since we got the news that Jack has 20/300 vision or worse, I have been trying to imagine just what and how Jack sees things. I wear glasses so I tried taking off my glasses and just squinting. My vision really is not all that bad but I can't find anything when I'm not wearing my glasses and I do not enjoy talking to people because their faces are only a blur when I don't have my glasses. But's not what Jack sees. So I decided to try a little expirement. Here's a copy of an email I sent out recently about Jack's hearing.
Now this is that same email at 1/16th the size of the original. That must be close to how Jack sees.
I think you can click on each of the samples and pull it up in its own browser window to give you a better idea. I don't want to resize the images because I don't want to distort the difference.

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