Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's All Good

The news from this trip has been great. We saw Dr. Fearon this afternoon. Dr. Fearon was very happy with Jack's MRI scan. He actually says that we can wait 18 months before we come back. He still wants to talk about doing the midface when Jack is about 5 years old. Surprisingly, he told us today that if we do the midface at 5 years old, he may have to have another midface advancement when he is a teenager. I'm a bit leery of waiting 18 months to do another MRI since Jack has had so many pressure issues. Dr. Fearon was very nice as he reminded me that Jack's two biggest problems are taken care of right now. His Bipap AVAP is working wonderfully to treat Jack's sleep apnea and the VP shunt is treating Jack's hydrocephalus. It will be wonderful to stay away from Dallas for a while. Everyone pray that it does turn out that way!!!

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