Monday, July 6, 2009

Bathing not washing!

Tonight I was giving Jack a bath. As I bathed him, I said, "Washing Jack."
He pushed my hand away. I said something like it's time to wash that's what
a bath is for. [I know--too many words, not a "Jack-able" phrase. Never said
I was perfect :)] Jack pushed my hand away, said washing and signed wash
hands gesturing toward the sink. I said "Yes, washing, like wash hands." He
looked at me quite seriously and said, "Bath." "Oh" I said, "Bathing Jack"
and he allowed me to bathe him. Isn't that great? He basically said, "Hey
you wash hands at the sink. In the bathtub, you do not wash, you bathe." How
awesome is that? What complex thinking and expression of thought! Oh the
things I will learn from him!

Have a great night everyone!

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Maggie said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my bog :) Jack sounds sweet!!