Friday, July 24, 2009


You may remember last September Jack and I helped to host a baby shower for his sweet cousin, Alichia. Well, Ethan was born last October. I don't have a great picture of him from right after he was born but you can kind of see him here.

Alichia and Ethan came to town yesterday so we went over to Rob, Bobbie, McCahill, and Jeanie's house to visit. He's gotten so big!!!!
This time of year, visiting Jeanie and McCahill means getting in the pool! Yesterday, we had the added bonus of Emma who was visiting Jeanie. Here's the swimsuit girls.....
Emma and Jeanie are sweethearts who had a great time "babysitting 2 babies!" Ha ha, Jack's just about as big as Jeanie and she still calls him a baby. :) Actually, Ethan is about as big as tiny Jeanie too. Jack had a lot of fun playing with Emma this visit, too. We've met Emma before but never really had a chance to play with her until last night.
I love this picture of McCahill. Doesn't he look like one of those crazy wrestling characters?
Bobbie shot some video of us in the pool but Ethan did not bring his swim trunks so he was in his birthday suit and well, this is a family blog. he he he....Ethan loves the pool just like his older cousins and just like his older cousins (and Jack) he knows that he can count on Aunt Marie (Mama) as the ONLY adult who will jump around and act a fool in a cold pool so the kids can have some fun. :p

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