Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cameras are downloaded.

It's really not easy being the press agent and photographer for a fun loving and well-loved little guy like Jack. Over half the time I forget the camera, sometimes I don't really get any good pictures, and sometimes I don't download the camera(s) for months. I downloaded both the digital cameras and found a few good pictures that I don't think I've posted yet. If we've hung out with you over the last few months and you find no pictures here refer to sentence 2 above or maybe I gave you the camera (Anne!) and you took video instead of pictures and they are too long to post.

We rode the train at the zoo. We all wouldn't fit on one seat and Jack had to make sure his friends boarded before the train took off. (Ha--just noticed that Jack and Christie matched that day.) Jack loves trees. Sidney loves animals. I'm gonna miss those boys when they run off and join Green Peace. LOL!
Sandra was one of Jack's favorite classmates this year. She was really sweet and always ready to give him a hug. This is the only picture that I managed to take at her 5th birthday party. I think she was trying to give him the balloon but he wanted another hug.
Mr. Cool heads out to the pool on a hot day.
It was Grandma's birthday and Jeanie crowned her Queen for the evening.
Queen Elizabeth has a lively, fun-loving court.
We traveled a few hours to meet up with some of our friends with Apert syndrome. Sorry the picture is so dark. I did not take this so I don't know what happened.
I did not get very many pictures this year. Here are Jack and Morgan enjoying a movie together. Morgan was very excited that she would get to see Jack again this year. She still calls him "Baby Jack" and she actually mistook Isaiah for "Baby Jack" because she was thinking of Jack as a baby. Jack was excited to see Morgan too. I don't know what it is about those too but they are somehow drawn to each other and very happy to just be together.
What's that on the hill behind our yard?
It's a deer! David got this shot one morning while he was just looking out the window.
They have a pond near the splash park we took Jack to when we were at the beach. It has turtles and ducks in it. We were saying, "Look, Jack. Turtles. Ducks."
Jack was over on the bayside of the rail looking up at the underside of the bridge that leads to the beach.
Jack's teacher and classroom aides gave each of the kids this nifty little mesh drawstring bag filled with fun stuff at the end of the year party. It was perfect for having Jack carry his toys out to the beach.
But at the end of the day when Jack was tired, Daddy carried him off the beach.
We went over to Oma and Opa's house for Independence Day. There was a technological mishap and there are lots of videos of pretty much sky and water but not many pictures (LOL). I took this one from the safety of the trampoline while Noah lit some fireworks. Noah is such a great uncle to Jack. He's a kid and he was incredibly excited about his fireworks but he would not do anything that might scare Jack. Before he lit a single firecracker, he reviewed each and every item with me to make sure that it would not bother Jack. How sweet is that? How many 11 year old boys take the time to think of a 4 year old? Jack adores Noah. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him playing with Noah. It's precious!

Jack is becoming much more social and interactive lately. He actually talks more in front of other people and talks to strangers at the store. It's awesome to see him grow and develop.

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Thanks for sharing all of your photos and videos. I love the photo of the gathering.