Sunday, April 22, 2007

Play Hard

Well the house is a wreck. We need some clean laundry but none of that matters because Jack and I had a great day.

Look how cute he was playing in the garage before we left for church.

Here we are at the park. Jack had his first ride on a merry go round...loving every minute or hanging on for dear life? I think he alternated between the two.

Jack just loved walking with his push toy at the park. He wanted to do that more than anything else but I did get him to at least investigate the rest of the playground equipment.

After we left the park, we came home to wash the car. Here's Jack coming down the stairs saying, "Wait for me, Mommy, I'm gonna help."

I thought I'd have some cute pictures of him all wet and soapy from "helping" me wash the car but he would not get near the water and instead walked all around me until he finally said, "Hey, let me in. I'm gonna watch a movie." This last picture is him sitting in the air conditioned car watching a movie while I'm slaving away outside!

After I washed the nasty car the best that I could without any help from my little boy, we headed off to our local McDonald's so Jack could play while we ate. He had a great time again just walking around holding my hands.

God is teaching me through Jack. I am always in such a hurry to get to the next thing that I often forget to enjoy where I am. Even with Jack, I feel like I've been trying to push his independent walking, trying to make him walk without holding on to me but today as he grabbed my hands, I realized...This is great! My little boy is happy just holding my hand exploring a play area. You should have heard the chuckles and exclamations and just the joy in his voice as we walked around and around those same few tables. He really loved being with me and it just felt so good. God is giving me moments to enjoy and cherish and hold on to and I am too busy asking him to bring the next blessing. How ungrateful is that?!!?

Jack is already in bed for the night for about an hour and a half now with no drops in his oxygen level (WOOHOO!). I'd better get on to bed, too. What a great day! My heart is just full of joy and gratefulness.

Thanks for all the prayers!

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