Monday, April 16, 2007

New new revised plan

So we are changing the settings on Jack's bipap again. We are in search of that happy state where Jack drops his oxygen level less than 5 times per hour. He is still hanging out around 30 times per hour which is weird because it seemed like he was doing a bit better at times but then again there have been times where he seemed a lot worse off so I guess that would average out to be about the same, wouldn't it? Did I lose everyone on that last little bit of logic? Read it again slowly and maybe I'll make sense. :)
So our great new pal Bruce under orders from our great new doc Dr. Lozano changed Jack's pressures to significantly higher levels and changed Jack's back-up respiratory rate as well. For those of you who know what the numbers refer to I'll give them to you. He will have an IPAP of 18 cm H2O, an EPAP of 10 cm H2O, and a back-up rate of 24. Dr. Lozano is making arrangements to get us into the sleep lab again before the end of the week.
Please pray for us tonight and each night as you drift peacefully into restful slumber. We really want to do the same.

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