Friday, April 13, 2007

Calm Between the Storms

It's a rough day here in Jack and Mommy land. New teeth coming in, didn't sleep well, seperation anxiety, just miss Mommy? Who knows what's causing it but the outcome is clear--fussy baby who will tolerate only being mere inches away from his Mommy before getting VERY upset. In this picture, Mommy has resorted to the old standby-Baby Einstein-for a bit of a break from carrying the hefty 28 lb, 13.7 oz, 33 1/4 in tyke around! Feel free to post any loving, nurturing tips you have to help us get through this.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't offer a whole lot of advice except "hang in there" and "it does get better"! We went through all that with Bryson when he was really little, too - I couldn't go out of sight without a major meltdown happening. It took a little while, but he eventually got over it. I know by Kindergarten he was running into the classroom without even looking back, LOL - that was one of those moments where I almost would have paid for him to be a little upset. Jack is certainly a cutie, and I hope & pray that everything works out with the CPAP and his oxygenation levels show major improvements soon. Unfortunately I also know about the sleepless nights, only we didn't have the CPAP back then, just an Apnea Monitor that went off all night (they documented up to 60 apneic episodes per night in hospital sleep tests). Do hang in there, and let us all know how he's doing! (Sometimes people forget to check blogs, so posting that little "check this out" like you did yesterday is a perfect reminder!)