Friday, April 20, 2007


Well he said it. I knew that if things did not work out he would eventually say it but I was not expecting the words to come just yet. Dr. Lozano said today that we are going to give Bipap the best possible shot but if we can't get this worked out we are going to have to talk about a trach. If Jack had breathing difficulties during the day or if he was not developing or had no energy or was sleepy all the time, I would have no problem agreeing to the tracheostomy but none of that is true. God has just got to make the Bipap work. He just has to. My little boy does not need a trach. He is just starting to talk. I love the sound of his voice. I don't want him to have to re-learn speech and swallowing and be more susceptible to illness especially during the winter. I want him to swim in the pool all summer long. He has enough scars. I don't want him to have a big scar on his throat when they remove the trach later. Enough, enough, enough already!

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Anonymous said...

I pray in agreement with you all that Jack will not require a trache and he will just blossom once they can get the settings right with the bi-pap. You are such a strong mom. I look at Tobi's history and think, gosh, that is like a cold compared to what marie and david have endured. I dont know "why" now, but I know one day, maybe in heaven, we will know. Jack is so, so, so blessed to have such wonderful loving parents, but also such medically skilled and knowlegable parents.