Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Things I Learned at the Parade and Zoolights Safari

1. Sitting and watching the Christmas parade is lame.

Jack wanted to walk along with all the people in the parade.

2.  It's really hard to capture the magic of Christmas lights displays on camera.

It really did look like this hippo was trying to chomp off Noah's head. I promise.

3. Noah really did convert.

4. My little brother is an animal tamer (and sea life exists alongside zebras).

5. Dad still has his tickle monster skillz.

6. We're a pretty good looking Alabama family.

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mommytoalot said...

Cute post..and you certainly are a very good looking family.
Love the pic of Noah and the hippo....we have awesome light displays here as well..

j said...

When the Tide wins, I think you need to send out a picture of the gorgeous Bama Family to all of your friends. Sort of a Happy New Year/YAY-we-are-the-champs greeting card :)

Rachel said...

Awesome! You're right - photographing lights is nearly impossible. But you did good!

Marie said...

Any tips that anyone has photographing lights, please share!
Jennifer--love the idea!
Thanks, Rachel.