Monday, December 7, 2009

He's gonna live...

The verdict from the doc: our throats are swollen and VERY sore from upper respiratory infection (a bad cold). On top of that, Jack has a really bad right ear infection so he's getting an oral antibiotic added to his usual regimen. Me? Well, I got a steroid shot to decrease that swelling in my throat and cough medicine to make me go nighty night. Jack would not even look when the nurse gave me the shot but he sat right next to me and even held my hand during my exam.
More proof that Jack's becoming a social butterfly? Until it was his turn to go in the exam room, he walked around the doctor's office into the nurse/doctor area and said both the doctor's and the nurse's names. He was mighty proud of himself!
For further proof that Jack L-O-V-E-S ham buh guhs, here's a shot of Jack painfully choking down one bite at a time. You should see the face he makes but he won't eat anything else so it must be worth it to him.

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j said...

I "L-O-V-E-S ham buh guhs" too :)

I'm so glad Jack is getting medicine to help him feel better. Mommy too! I'll say a prayer for your speedy recovery.

Rachel said...

Poor little guy!!! I hope he feels better very soon and those ham buh guhs go back to tasting and feeling delicious!!!

...and you too!!!

Michelle said...

Hope you all feel better soon!

mommytoalot said...

Sending healthy vibes from Canada.