Sunday, November 1, 2009

Convo w/cookie face

I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard the sound of Jack's cup hitting the floor. I throw the towel around me and come out to the living room to this face. Can you see the cookie crumbs and the chocolate? I say, "Hey what are you doing?" He says, "cookie please." I go over to the table where I left a choc chip cookie earlier and say, "What happened to the cookie?" Jack says "searching for cookie" like he needs to go looking for it--as if he doesn't know it's bye-bye in his tummy! Gotta L-O-V-E my kiddo!
***update: He dropped the cookie and because he is not very good at visually searching and does not see well, he did not see the beige cookie he dropped on the beige carpet. Oh well, at least he did not step on it. :)


Valerie said...

lol he's so cute! Cookies are a favorite snack around my place too!

Valerie said...

Oh I wanted to say congrats for being Center Stage over at Alabama Bloggers!!!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Awww... what a sweet cookie monster!