Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello pink eye!

Just cleaned out his eyes so you can't really see it all that well.

It's just part of the "sharing" that happens when little people get together. We had a great time visiting with everybody. Jack's not miserable with it so that's awesome.

We called the doc & we'll start an antibiotic today.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

oh :( my little one cant seem to get rid of a runny nose and now seems he also got some cough. Will take him to visit the doc today just in case.... :(

mommytoalot said...

Oh dear. We've not had pink eye yet...but we are struggling with LICE..yucky...poor C picked it up at school. Luckily no one else here has got it. but's keeping me busy with laundry.

sheila said...

PINK EYE!!!!!!!!! Ughhhh! When my kids were little they all caught it one right after the other. It was like a month of pink fun! lol. Feel Better Jack!

Rachel said...

Poor little guy!! I'm so sorry!
I'm wondering if that's what Ali and I have. My eyes immediately start burning and watering when I look at the computer screen or try to read a book. But yet, here I am. Shows how much I love you.

j said...

Aw Buddy! Sorry about pink eye Jack.

It is very contageous. I hope you stay well Marie.

Marie said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Our hands are all dry from hand washing and alcohol scrubbing. Jack is actually quite the happy camper.