Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Turkey is back again to say Happy Thanksgiving!  I have so much to be thankful for that there's no way I can list it all here. So instead, I'll focus on the wonderful daily reminders I have of my blessings.
I'm thankful for:
1. this guy

that continues to grow and develop
(* I don't know why but if you watch one of these videos you have to refresh your browser window before you can watch the other. The second one is totally worth it so go refresh you browser.)
AND knows how to make his Mama happy,

2. five beautifully seperated fingers on each hand,

3. five gorgeous seperate piggies on each foot,

4. VP shunts that keep pressure off the brain,
5. machines that support nighttime breathing,
6. months away from the hospital, and
7. this guy
 who loves me, supports me and puts up with me more than I deserve .

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Matt5verse6 said...

Jack is so precious! I was just trying to explain Apert syndrome to my younger kiddos. (I'm not sure they quite understand.) :) Wishing you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving in God's grace. ;)

For His glory,

Marie said...

Thank you, Brook. What we tell the littles that are about Jack's age is that he was born a bit different. He did not have seperate fingers or toes but we got the doctor to seperate them for him. Also, he had some problems with his head that made it grow big but the doctor took care of those problems too. Jack does not see very well so he often uses his hands to feel people and things and Jack is still learning to talk b ut he is a little boy who likes to run and play just like them. Its a lot of information for a little (or biggies like Mommies and Daddies) to take in so we always finish with the fact that Jack is a little boy who likes to run and play just like them. Littles often remember just the last part of what you tell them and that's the most important.
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too!
Thanks so much for dropping in so often. :)

Run DMT said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Many blessings to you and your wonderful family! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

mommytoalot said...

So many precious things to be thankful for. Loved the videos. Jack is a darling.

j said...

"Not so big"... LOL! How precious!

Another awesome Alabama shirt. Jack has such style!

Marie said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Jack has a nice little wardrobe. ;) We will definitely be sporting some shirts that you will like today.
Jack has actually been doing the "not so big" thing since before he could talk. He used to just do it with the hand motions and it's been a long time since we did it. Then, last weekend, he just started saying it again.
Funny thing is I thought we could just stick anybody's name in that third spot and he would say "not so big". Um, I should've tested that one out because he said that his sweet aunt who has recently lost some weight is "so big!" and only would say "not so big" for Mama. LOL. She was a good sport about it.

Rachel said...

Awesome post! And too sweet! I love it!