Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's 2 am. Jack has had the most restless night of his life. It's like he is just physically unable to lay still. He has been nodding off but even in his sleep he is kicking out with his feet, wanting to rub his fingers all over and around mine, and he keeps sliding around the bed. The nurse keep having to recalibrate his external drain.
I have finally resorted to putting on one of his Baby Einstein DVDs in the hope that he would get his mind focused on the movie and lie still. I am so tired and unfortunately, I'm having a hard time being the sympathetic mother Jack deserves. I just want to rest for a few minutes. I just want to not be kicked or poked for a few minutes. Jack's nurse just gave him some Tylenol in case discomfort is causing his restlessness. I feel bad because I did not even think to ask Jack if he was hurting. Please pray for us. Jack needs his Mommy to be loving and sympathetic not tired and crabby.
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