Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mommy Down, On Her Way Up, and Knocked Down Again

That little cough...well, by Monday morning, when the fever was added to the aches and chills, David and I did a little health math and called our family doctor who agreed--sounds like it adds up to the flu. He spared me the trip to his office and called in Tamiflu. A quick call to my wonderful mother-in-law provided the soothing comfort of chicken soup. Who doesn't need homemade dairy free chicken soup when they are feeling sick? Fast forward 48 hours and I was feeling much better but still felt like I had razor blades in my throat. Is it possible to have the flu and strep together? We did not know so off to Dr. Aizenman I went. He had bad news. I either have the flu along with an icky stomach virus thingy going around or I never had the flu and feeling better after 2 days of Tamiflu was a coincidence. Either way, he predicted the tummy troubles were on their way. As a matter of fact, I had trouble with my lunch before I ever got to his office and by the time I got home after my appointment, well let's just say the man knows what he's talking about. I got a steroid shot so that probably accounts for the small burst of energy I am experiencing this evening but I still feel drained, achy, and the tummy is all rumbly.
Lucky for us Steve and Michelle are feeling much better and they brought over dinner for at least 2 nights(will probably be even more than that because it's a lot of food and because of my reduced appetite) and still offered to go to the grocery store.
If you get knocked down, it sure is great to have friends there to help pull you back up.
Hopefully, just a couple more days of this and I'm done. I don't really remember how long Dr. A said to expect this to last but it can't be that long, right?

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