Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busting Out!

We're trying to bust out of here. Dr. Wellons came by a couple hours ago and said that Jack could go home. Now we are just waiting on paperwork. Jack has 6 incisions on his head, one on his chest, and two on his abdomen. Five of them are still covered with dressings. He told us to take the dressings on the right side of his head and right side of his chest off today and clean the incisions with soap and water. On Friday, we will remove the remaining dressings which are all on the left side (of his head and abdomen). After that, Jack can once again sit in a bathtub with a water level below his abdominal incision. He'll be able to splash so that should make him a little happier. In a couple of weeks, we will bring Jack in to the neurosurgery clinic and they will remove all the remaining stitches. Jack has always had dissolvable stitches up until now so I am more than a little concerned about how he'll do with someone putting a sharp object to his head and abdomen to remove sti!
tches whi
le he is wide awake. I'm not seeing that go down too easily but maybe he will surprise me. He has before.
In the meantime, we will watch Jack for any signs of infection. Dr. Wellons wants us to call if Jack has any redness, swelling, or any drainage from any of his wounds. He seems fairly concerned about the incision on top of Jack's head since Jack's skin is so thin from all the growth. He also wants us to call if his temperature goes above 101 degrees and stays there.
Hope to post nothing but good news from here on out!
Thanks again for all the prayers and support.
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