Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back in a room

Jack is back in his room on the floor. He had his usual breathing difficulties following surgery but they managed him quite easily on his Bipap and they let us come on back to the floor. The big challenge now is that Jack is on bedrest while he has the shunt externalized. It does not require as much calibrating and such as a run of the mill external ventriculostomy because he still actually has his shunt in with the control valve in place. He'll have a few days of IV antibiotics and of course wound care to his semi-open abdominal wound. They will continue to monitor his cerebrospinal fluid. I'll try to keep the blog updated but there may not be a lot of day to day things happening. The next few days will hopefully be mostly about getting test results back and somehow keeping energetic Jack (yes, I can already tell he is feeling better and his energy is picking up) in the bed and occupied.

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