Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Morning

Good morning! Thanks for checking in to see how Jack is doing. He rested very well last night. His evening nurse, Alaina, gave him some Tylenol around 10 pm and he nursed off to sleep by 11 pm. I don't remember him getting his midnight vital signs taken so we were obviously sleeping soundly by then. About 130 am, I put him on his Bipap because he was sleeping so deeply that his obstructive sleep apnea kicked in. He woke up a bit and protested but I persisted and he managed to drift back to sleep pretty easily. He clung to me tightly while he slept. Poor guy is almost afraid to go to sleep I think. He has been woken up too many times being poked and prodded.
We got some good news about the bacteria. It is NOT MRSA. Since the bacteria is sensitive to penicillins, the neurosurgery team switched Jack over to Nafcillin. He got his first dose last night. The resident, Dr. Harmon, has been in this morning. He says that the cultures from the OR Wednesday and from the drain on Friday are still negative. The OR culture will be final tomorrow afternoon. He will come back this afternoon and draw another sample from the drain. Dr. Harmon says that we will probably get out of here this week. He said that once Jack gets his VP shunt he will only need to stay in overnight to show that he is eating and drinking well and then we will get to go home!!!
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