Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home for Now

I know that many of you were upset by the lack of posting while we were out of town but Blogger has changed its security measures and I can no longer post straight from my phone. We don't carry a laptop with us so unless I get a chance to use the computer at the hotel or at the hospital I am unable to post to the blog. And y'all know how I am. I want to be with Jack not out in the waiting room outside the PICU.
Jack spent a very restless night in the PICU. He did not breathe well with their Bipap machine. Each specific brand and model has its own algorithm that you get used to. Jack simply was not used to their machine. We are going to try to get our machine approved by Biomed in advance next time. The hospital staff actually lost the paperwork that we got our respiratory supplier to fax to us. I hope that we can get this stuff sorted out early next time and have approval in writing so we won't have this problem.

After reviewing a post-surgery CT scan, Dr. Price discharged Jack and said that she wants to see him again in three months. She wants to get a CT scan and physically examine him and then she and Dr. Fearon will discuss when to do his next surgery. In the meantime, she said no additional precautions are needed but she did deliver a short lecture on bicycle safety and wearing of helmets. After talking it over, David and I have decided that we are going to start having Jack wear his bike helmet even when riding his tricycle, even indoors at school. It's better to be in a good habit than to have to transition when he begins riding his bigger bike.

Oh, we also heard back from Dr. Stager. He said that we should resume patching Jack's right eye 1-2 hours a day to maintain the vision in the left eye.

Enjoy these few pictures....I gotta go get in bed!

We got to meet Annie from CCA. Jack was not feeling all that great when Annie first got there and Annie, also a mom of a toddler, just hung out until Jack felt up to at least a little hand shake.

We had a little time between checking out of our hotel and checking in at the airport so we stopped at a park in a very nice section of Dallas. Jack loves loves loves trees and they had some really big ones so he got to actually get in the trees. *

Look at this "face of determination" as he heads off across the park. Where was he going? Concrete, baby! Our baby is a concrete boy. I guess it comes from starting out in our apartment where his daily adventure outside meant sitting on our little concrete patio?
Mommy and Jack playing through the nets at the tennis courts.

After all the running around at the park, Jack was good and ready for a nap on the plane ride home. Look at the wings on the snowman!
One more thing before I finally head off to bed. Since surgery, Jack is making a couple of new sounds and he is definitely cutting some new teeth.

Thanks again for all the love and prayers.

*Per David's request, I am adding the following disclaimer: I cropped David out of the pictures of Jack in the trees. At no time was Jack sitting in the trees unsupported. :)

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Becky said...

Hi!! So glad that you guys are back home and that Jack is doing so good!! How very exciting to see such improvements so quickly!!

Take care,
Becky, mom to Wade