Tuesday, February 19, 2008

News from Dr. Wellons

Jack is being "recovered" now. Dr. Wellons said that there was definitely infection in the abdomen. He made an incision in Jack's upper chest, cut off the shunt tubing, and connected it to an external bag. He then pulled out the remaining tubing from the abdomen below. He sent off cultures from the abdomen and the CSF fluid he collected during surgery. In the meantime, he is adding more antibiotics to be sure to cover possible bacteria. When the cultures come back, he can be more specific in antibiotic usage. In the meantime, Jack has a semi-open abdominal wound to allow any further infection to drain on out. When Dr. Wellons is satisfied that the infection is resolved, he will add extension tubing and re-tunnel the shunt tubing into another location. Continue to pray that this is the end of infection.
Jack is scheduled to return to our room on the floor unless anesthesia feels that he needs to be monitored more closely.
Now that Blogger is allowing me to update from my phone again. I will do my best to keep the blog updated. Of course, Jack comes first.

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