Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fox 6 Loves Our Family

Well, what can I say? Jack apparently gets his TV star quality from his Nana (great-grandma Lovina Phillips). Here's a short news clip about a dance class that Nana and my Auntie Ninfa take together. They are both interviewed toward the end of the clip. The recent surgery and recovery they are referring to is a total hysterectomy in which Nana's doctor was able to remove all traces of ovarian cancer. Doesn't she look absolutely fabulous for 1) being 80 and 2) just a few weeks out from major surgery?

PS. I know! I've got great genes!!!

PPS. Blogger won't let me post the address as a clickable link for some reason tonight but if you cut and paste the above address into your browser, you should be able to get to the video. If that does not work, go to Scroll down and you will see a box labeled "Seen on TV" on the right hand side of the screen. Click on FOX6 Family Health: Dirty Dancing. That should load the page with the video clip. [Nana, call me and I'll tell you just what all of that means :)]

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