Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enough About Everyone Else, How's Jack?!!?

Jack is great! Daddy has been trying his best to keep Mommy and Jack away from one another (no easy task!). He has not been sick AT ALL. Shout it with me--HAAAAAALLLLEEEEELLLLLLUUUUUUUUUJJJJJAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. We had a bit of a scare with his VP shunt incision. Just before David took him into the exam room for our family doctor to do the wound check, he noticed that one end of the incision appeared to have some drainage. Dr. Aizenman was not concerned and said that it was probably caused by the sutures which were sticking out since they are a "foreign body" and advised David to clip the sutures when Jack slept. We snipped the sutures last night, cleaned up the area with peroxide and saline solution and called a report in to Dr. Price's nurse, Jody. She told us to keep the wound cleaned, keep the scabs off, and watch it carefully. If he continued to have drainage, she said to take him to a local neurosurgeon to determine if the drainage could be a cerebral spinal fluid leak. EEEEKKK!!! There has been no drainage today! Whew!
He misses school terribly because he has been out all week. Hopefully, he can go back soon.
Since I've been sick, I have not been taking pictures so I dug these up from last year.

Here's Jack enjoying himself post-surgery last January in the PICU.

When we got back home, Louisa and Charlie (not in the picture--he was a tiny baby back then) came by and brought dinner. Well, ok, their Mommy and Daddy came too. Carla actually cooked up a wonderful dairy free dinner and bagged up some cheese just for David.
Here's Jack at last year's children's race at his school. He was not an independent walker yet so he was using the grocery cart to get around. Look how much he's grown!!!

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